God, Soul and the Universe

Christian Piaget, éditeur & fabricant

God, Soul and the Universe of Saint Meikandar

Author: Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati

Here is an original synthetic treatise upon the Twelve Aphorisms revealed to a perfect Saint Meikandar. The Tamil word ‘Meikandar’ means ‘Sathya Dharshi’ or the ‘Truth Seer’ who, being a perfect Yogi and a divine Jnani, speaks from within the highest and the purest truth about the three eternal entities - God, Soul and the Universe.

This book guides the seekers and thinkers of the Eternal Truth, who strive to master the quintessence of the Agama Siddhanta and Tantra works of our ancient sages. Critically viewed, metaphysics deserves a very subtle interpretative medium of expression and our author exquisitely levels his medium to the spiritual interior of higher experience.
More details here extracts God, Soul and the Universe, the Revelations of Saint Meikandar (pdf)

ISBN : 978-2-940393- 27-5, size 114 x 183 mm, 114 pages