Garland of Sacred Hymns

Christian Piaget, Editeur & Fabricant
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Author: Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati

The words Aum Shuddha Shakti Aum appear and Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati attaches the utmost importance to Shuddha Shakti. In this Book Garland of Sacred Hymns, Swamiji explains the origin, power and his experiencing of that Shuddha Shakti. Many might have wondered what this Shuddha Shakti means and what the significance of that divine word Shuddha Shakti is.

Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati gives an insight of Aum Shuddha Shakti Aum and explains in depth through poetry and prose, the mystic, the features of the all – powerful Aum Shuddha Shakti Aum. Garlands always have a great appeal to all human beings. It is a mark of respect, adoration and appreciation. If that garland made of sacred Hymns.

More details here extracts Garland of Sacred Hymns (pdf)

ISBN : 978-2-88922-053-3, size 148 x 210 mm, 193 pages