Gandhi’s Story in singing style

Christian Piaget, Editeur & Fabricant
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Author: Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati

Gandhi’s Story in singing style,
Gandhi Kalatchebam,

With unstinting energy, these Karma Yogis carried out, with the divine force within them, the work to which they were predestined. Thus, following the work of Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi liberated India from the British, and on 15 August 1947, India’s independence was proclaimed in Sri Aurobindo birthday.

To his great dismay, he had difficulty to accepting the separation of his country. At the end of his life, he thought of marching again to reunify the country. On 30 January 1948, only six months after independence, Mahatma Gandhi, who tried in vain to ease tensions, was assassinated in his beautiful garden, in Birla House in New Dehli by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extremist who accused him severely of being responsible for the “Separation of Mother India”. 

More details here extracts Gandhi’s Story in singing style (pdf)

ISBN : 978-2-88922-085-4, size 148 x 210 mm, 144 pages