Golden Ratio, générateur dénergie


Golden Ratio

Characteristics :

In mathematics, the golden ratio is also known as the golden number, the Fibonacci series or Fibonacci frequency (1,618). Golden Ratio is a generator of subtle waves known as plasma, which is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. Albeit invisible, plasma is everywhere around us.
Golden Ratio comprises eight coils placed over four levels. It is inspired by the Keshe technology, which is based on the Golden Number.

The coils are powered by batteries formed by a mixture of copper, zinc and an M-State element electrolyte.

The coils on the four levels are aligned so as to  emanate a wide spectrum of dynamising frequencies.

Use :

Position Golden Ratio with its openings (the lines connecting the coils) along the north-south axis. As a result, it will harmonise and dynamise your living or work space.

Golden Ratio generates a wide range of beneficial frequencies whose action may go as far as producing a light distortion or a flux around it.

Its diffusing action is not limited to just a room as it will propagate to the surroundings over time and it will also balance all magnetic and gravitational elements. Golden Ratio does not require maintenance. Its batteries do not need replacing.

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